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#ASJANY2018 Annual New York Conference Recap

While the annual ASJA event in NYC was over a week ago, I'm just now able to settle in and give you an update. In short, it was probably the most amazing event I've been to in years, and I'm happy with both the professional and personal outcomes of my investment.

Here are some of the perks:

1. Volunteerism is alive and well.

As Volunteer Co-Chair for the organization, I was able to form some amazing relationships with newish members as they volunteered for the first time with us! We had people eager to show up early, staff the registration table, help with sessions, and live-tweet as needed. Our volunteers are shown in several event photos smiling and meeting other members. What an excellent way to get to know our amazing group!

2. Client connections are of excellent ROI.

While the professional contacts made at the Client Connections sessions (think of these as speed-dating for writers and hiring agencies/editors/agents) always take a little while to shake out, I feel really good about the quality of contacts available. I am always delighted to meet editors and small business owners that I already know from Twitter and LinkedIn, and the praise I heard regarding my ASJA colleagues never seemed to get old. "We know ASJA vets writers, and we can trust we'll only get the best!"

3. New Gala was amazing!

I missed a lot of the evening events (including the awards ceremony, unfortunately), but the Gala on Thursday night made up for it. Small bites, tasty drinks, and amazing conversations were plentiful at this mixer with plenty of editors, writers, and industry folks mingling and appreciating a marvelous rooftop view in NYC!

4. Networking is king.

While I feel like the sessions were of the highest caliber, I still get my best professional advice in those conversations taking place in the hallways (or this year, in the member's lounge.) Where else can you find out the best editors to pitch and industry happenings as they are actually happening?

5. I still love sharing.

While it's been a few months since I've done any public speaking, I was on fire for Twitter this year! Sharing my best tips for making connections and growing your platform, I received excellent feedback from those in attendance, and I look forward to speaking again at next year's event!

(ASJA recordings are for sale. If you missed the event, now's your chance to order the audio from best-selling authors and top-performers in the field!)

ASJA has continued to impress, and this conference was a good reflection of the hard work and attention to detail that the group has shown since I joined a year ago. If you are a writer and haven't joined the ASJA, you should definitely check it out. Feel free to email me if you have questions. I'm happy to chat about the benefits, as well as provide tips for getting accepted!


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